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Use this area to download additional information about H & H Servicco Software. The downloaded zip files contain documents in the format of MS Word 95 (v7.0)

Choose file to download:

Select an Information Document
descall.zip (26KB) TP105,TP414,TP781,ASP All
descacc.zip (20KB) TP105, TP414, TP781 All Acceptance Sampling only
desc105.zip   (9KB) TP105 Acceptance Sampling for Attributes
desc414.zip (9KB) TP414 Acceptance Sampling for Variables
desc781.zip (9KB) TP781 Acceptance Sampling for Reliability
descasp.zip (26KB) ASP Audit Sample Planner
descord.zip (18KB) order form Not needed if you download another file.

If these files are in the wrong format for your computer, please contact H & H Servicco Corp. to obtain the information by Fax or by mail. The zip files can be opened with WinZip, which you can download from winzip.com