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This website supports the application of two kinds of statistical sampling plans:
bulletAcceptance sampling plans to detect off-grade product and processes.
bulletEstimation sampling plans for audits and surveys to attain precise estimates.
The main statistical tools that we use are:
bulletoc-curves to design acceptance sampling plans with known probabilities. 
bulletmargin-of-error for precise estimation and measurement.
bulletsoftware to perform all statistical and design calculations.
The website contains these three areas:  See the link-buttons at the top of each page.
bulletBest Practices area
bulletDiscussion Forum area
bulletSoftware Descriptions and Store .

Best Practices area
The designer of sampling plans must understand the oc-curve. The best practices area shows how to apply sampling plans in various situations.

Software area:
The software products of H & H Servicco Corp. provide an inexpensive means of implementing the powerful two-point sampling methodology.

Discussion Forum area:
With this threaded discussion forum,  you can view and/or collaborate with other visitors to the forum. We encourage you to participate, but its OK to just view what is being discussed.

Send email to webmaster@samplingplans.com with questions or comments about this web site.
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