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Software to Design Sampling Plans

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These software programs design acceptance sampling plans and audit sampling plans:

Acceptance sampling software
This acceptance sampling software uses the operating characteristic curve (oc curve) to calculate a decision-rule for acceptance that consists of:

bulletthe sample size (n).
bulletthe acceptance limit(s).

By applying this decision rule to the subsequent sample data, you determine whether or not to accept existing materials, products, processes, and services -- or to reject them as off-grade. (glossary)

bulletAttributes acceptance sampling plan software
bulletVariables acceptance sampling plan software
bulletReliability Qualification  (acceptance) sampling plan software
Audit sampling software
This audit sampling software calculates the sample size that will provide an estimate of the fraction "defective" having a specified margin of error. (glossary) This guarantees having the required level of precision on the measurement of quality, but  it does not produce an accept/reject decision-rule.
bulletAudit Sample Planner

Audit Sample Planner will print a data sheet containing randomly selected item numbers to sample and it will analyze the sample results.

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