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Audit Sample Planner -- ASP

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ASP develops the sample size for audit and survey samples based on the margin of sampling error. This assists the auditor and surveyor to attain statistically sound results. Uses the binomial and the normal approximation to the hypergeometric distribution.

Tasks of Audit Sample Planner

[Bullet] Plan for the sample size based on the margin of error and these factors:
  1. Margin of error desired
  2. Expected fraction of items "in error"
  3. The population size
  4. The expected reply rate for mailed surveys
[Bullet] Select random samples wuth these properties:
  1. Sampling without replacement
  2. Reproduce any sample selection with a seed
  3. Multiple sample lists
  4. You control the data-sheet line/column spacing
[Bullet] Analyze sample data. The report contains these sections:
  1. Sample result
  2. A point estimate of the fraction and total "in error"
  3. Confidence limits for the fraction and total (1 & 2-sided)
  4. A statement of the statistical method used

Examples of Applications

[Bullet] Checks in error
[Bullet] Items missing
[Bullet] Tax errors
[Bullet] Customer satisfaction
[Bullet] Emloyee morale

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