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AQL Primer
Audit for Bed Bugs
Inventory Sampling
Xbar Charts
Color Measurement
Reliability Growth Test Plan
Wearout and MTBF
TP414 -vs- Mil-Std-414
Switching Rules


Application Areas

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This area illustrates application examples. You may also want to search for topics by keyword. 

bulletAttribute sampling plans examples:
     for defectives using the binomial distribution
     for defects using the poisson distribution
bulletVariables sampling for the mean:
     Sampling Bulk Liquids, Powders, Pellets
     Numerical Color Measurement
bulletVariables sampling for fraction nonconforming to specification
     Fixed-n and sequential variables examples
     Relationship of software TP414 to Mil-Std-414 and Z1.9
bulletReliability sampling for MTBF and for reliability at reliable life
     Strategy for reliability growth testing
     Wearout and sample size for MTBF test plans

If these examples don't quite match your application, or you want to find out the experience of others, you can check the forum area.


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