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Acceptance Sampling Options:

TPZero - Tool for Ac=0 Plans
TPZero - Screen Shots
TP105 - Software for Attributes
Binomial Examples
Poisson Examples
TP414 - Software for Variables
ISL Examples
Lot Mean Examples
TP781 - Software for Reliability

Sampling Plans for Reliability

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TP781 designs sampling plans for reliability qualification testing based on the operating characteristic curve. The plans can be used for components or assemblies, and are based on the exponential failure rate model.

Reliability Characteristics

[Bullet] Mean Time/Cycles Between Failure -- MTBF
[Bullet] Reliabilty with respect to a specified Reliable Life

Type of Plan:

[Bullet] Lower limit for MTBF
[Bullet] Lower limit for reliability
[Bullet] Fixed duration decision rules
[Bullet] Sequential decision rules.

Interval Estimates of MTBF and of Reliability from Data

[Bullet] One-sided and two-sided confidence limits.
[Bullet] User specified confidence coefficient
Performance Curves
Curve Name Abreviation
Operating Characteristic OC
Average Sample Number
(for Sequential Test Plans)
MTBF versus Reliability  

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