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Acceptance Sampling Options:

TPZero - Tool for Ac=0 Plans
TPZero - Screen Shots
TP105 - Software for Attributes
Binomial Examples
Poisson Examples
TP414 - Software for Variables
ISL Examples
Lot Mean Examples
TP781 - Software for Reliability

Acceptance Sampling for Attributes (TP105)
New: Version 3 for Windows
Includes plans for C=0 and auditing for Bed Bugs
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Software program TP105 develops sampling plans for attribute data based on the binomial and the poisson distributions. The metric used for the OC-Curve can be either the fraction defective, as in the binomial case of go/no-go data, or counts, as in the poisson case of defect count.


[Bullet] Determine if a process can meet a proposed quality requirement.
[Bullet] Determine the inspection effort required.
[Bullet] Improve tough recall decisions.
[Bullet] One-sided and two-sided confidence limits on fraction defective and defects.

Type of Plan:

[Bullet] Attribute plans for defectives and defects, using the binomial and poisson distributions.
[Bullet] Fixed-n, double, multiple, and sequential sampling plans.
[Bullet] Evaluate current fixed-n sampling plans by producing the OC-Curve.
[Bullet] Develop plans by choosing two points on the OC-Curve.
[Bullet] Plans for discovery sampling: C=0 option & bed bug audit option.

New Version 3 for Windows:

[Bullet] Display TP105 Version 3 User Manual
[Bullet] Display User Manual for TP105 bed bug option.

Example Output Screens:

[Bullet] Go/no-go examples of TP105
[Bullet] Counted data examples of TP105
Performance Curves
Curve Name Abreviation
Operating Characteristic OC
Average Outgoing Quality AOQ
Average Sample Number
(for Sequential Plans)
Average Run Length ARL

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