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Audit for Bed Bugs

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Have bed bugs?
TP105 v3 contains an option to audit for bed bugs. It is a Discovery Sampling plan that can show the absence of bed bugs (if they really are absent) and show that clean-up operation was effective. (if it was)

Verify with evidence
Operators of hotels, dormitories, hospitals, and cruise ships must have a way to know if they have a bed bug problem. But 100% inspection of all rooms/beds/cabins might not be practical. A sample audit based on discovery sampling might be better.

The claim you can make
The sampling plan will demonstrate, with specified confidence (like 95%) that bed bugs, if they exist in the facility, are below a specified percentage. (like 1%) The plan tells the number of places to monitor. If no bed bugs are found in those monitored places then you can claim a statistically valid statement like:

"I am X% confident that bed bugs, if they exist at all, effect less than Y% of the places."
(The Y% can be expressed in terms of the actual number of places (rooms, beds, etc.) in the facility.

Assumptions -

bulletThe places to monitor were selected at random from throughout the facility.
bulletThe number of places monitored was as TP105 calculated.
bulletThe test method was accurate for detecting bed bugs.
bulletNo bed bugs were found.

Links to More Details

bulletUser manual for monitoring bed bugs and
bulletThe TP105 page.

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