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TPZero - Tool for Ac=0 Plans
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Tool for Ac=0 Sampling Plans (TPZero) visitors=Hit Counter

Software program TPZero is one component of TP105 v3 that we have split off as a separate program. TPZero is a simple program that calculates the sample size required for a user-specified consumer's point consisting of just two numbers: the RQL and the consumer's risk (the Beta risk).


[Bullet] Calculate the sample size (n) required.
[Bullet] Display the decision rule. (n, Ac) -- Ac and C mean the same thing.
[Bullet] Display a probability statement of consumer protection.
[Bullet] Calculate the AQL for producer's risk of 0.05.

Functionality and Assumptions:

[Bullet] Uses the binomial distribution for attribute sampling.
[Bullet] Applies when the lot size is at least 10 times the sample size.
[Bullet] Output the report to your default printer.
[Bullet] Copy the report to the Windows clipboard.
[Bullet] Help file explains sampling basics.
[Bullet] Program [Help], printable user manual, online user manual.
[Bullet] Free bug fixes and updates. (downloads)
[Bullet] Special Option: C>0.
[Bullet] Special Option: Input any point on the oc-curve.

How to Buy or Try TPZero:

You can download TPZero from our website. You can also buy a registration code that will extend the trial period indefinitely.
[Bullet] Download a full featured 14 day trial program free.
[Bullet] Buy a permanent registration code for $50.
        (In Minnesota, $53.25  with sales tax)

Upgrade Offer:

If you purchase TPZero for $50 and then upgrade to TP105 v3 you will receive a $50 rebate at that time, as TP105 v3 already contains all TPZero functionality -- plus much more.

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